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IT, electronic and digital contracts

  • IT and digital solution implementation contracts (development, integration, etc.)


  • Operating contracts (third-party application maintenance, maintenance in operational condition, outsourcing, etc.)

  • Solution provision contract (SaaS, software license, etc.)

  • Electronic contracts (platforms, B2B and B2C general conditions etc.)

  • IT public contracts (CCAG TIC and FCS)

  • Blockchain and smart contracts

  • Contractual disputes (defects of consent, obligation to advise and inform, obligation to deliver in conformity, guarantee of hidden defects)

Intellectual property

  • Protection of software, databases and other digital intellectual works (internal sites, multimedia creation, games)

  • Contracts relating to the production, transmission (integral or dismembered), exploitation of software, databases and other digital intellectual works (NFT)

  • Action for infringement of software, databases and other digital works of authorship and sui generis database right

  • Trademarks (search for prior art, filing and internal, European and international renewal, action for revocation, action for infringement, coexistence agreement, etc.)

  • Domain names (cybersquatting, AFNIC and ICANN procedure)

Digital and business

  • Dematerialized exchanges (electronic signature, electronic archiving, electronic invoicing, etc.)

  • Offenses specific to automated data processing systems (STAD) andother digital offenses

  • Cybersecurity

  • Digital taxation (IP Box, CIR etc.)

  • Labor and digital relations (BYOD, IT charter)

Personal data

  • Initial and updated compliance (mapping, processing registers, technical and organizational documentation, impact analysis (AIPD))

  • Subcontracts (article 28)


  • Transfer strategy (BCR, standard contractual clauses, transfer impact analysis)

  • Investigation and litigation (CNIL, Council of State)

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